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When NOT to use ‘to’ in English - Grammar
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http://www.engvid.com/ “I’m going to home” or I’m going to home”? “I’m going to school” or “I’m going to school?” Why do we use ‘to’ with some words and not …

Stephen Thergesen's insight:

Extremely common in languages with inflected cases, e.g., Russian

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"Just Get Over It"


For years I was told by friends and family that I was overly dramatic and overreacting to situations around me.  I was told to “just get over it” and “be normal.”  For all those years I tried desperately hard to act like everyone around me.  Yet I always realized that they had something that I didn’t have.  They were able to process events and not get upset.  They weren’t changing from extremely happy to super sad in the matter of hours.  They didn’t think about killing themselves every moment of the day.   They didn’t get relief by cutting up their bodies.  Something was different, and I just couldn’t figure it out.

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Ultimate English turned 2 today!

Ultimate English turned 2 today!

Happy Halloween!

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